Counseling the mentally unhealthy in the Edmonton Church

Asides addiction problems in the Edmonton church, another common issue is the mental health problem that plague people. There are a lot of people who are unaware that they have mental health problems and they live with it for here.

There is a link between mental health problems and addiction. Some people who are unaware that they have mental health problems, start abusing substances. Then, the abuse progresses till it becomes a full-blown addiction.

At this stage, it’s like they have two problems at hand: Mental health problems and addiction.

Fortunately for the believers in Edmonton Church, there is a solution to people who are mentally unhealthy.

In the Edmonton church, there are professionals who come to worship during service days. These professionals are from various career paths and at one point or the other, they offer services to people in the church for free.

At periodic intervals, the church makes it mandatory for each member to undergo series of evaluations and assessment to ensure their mental health is intact. The counselor or counselors in the church conduct routine checks which informs members about the state of their mental health.

Typically, the counselor gets paid for assessing people concerning their mental health. However, since it is the church, the services of a counselor is often free except if the case is a chronic one where the individual would have to be admitted to a rehab.

For people who attend the Edmonton church, it is correct to say that they have lots of freebies at their disposal. They can effectively keep in check with their mental health, and they would know when it is about to spiral down.

One of the reasons why members in the Edmonton church have this exclusive privilege is because of the love of Christ that binds everyone. Just like the church of old, the church today is committed to ensuring that her members benefit in one way or the other.

Receiving counseling consultancy services for free is one of the ways of reaping the benefits of belonging to the body of Christ.  

Counseling the addicted in the Edmonton Church

Majority of the residents in Edmonton are believers and this is why the church in Edmonton is growing fast.

When you join the church in Edmonton, there are a truckload of benefits attached to it that would encourage and inspire you to be a better person and most importantly, a better believer.

In Edmonton church, it would interest you to know that there are still people who struggle with addiction and this should come as no surprise. Before an individual becomes a believer, they were first human. This suggests that it is normal for them to struggle with some issues before they receive divine assistance.

Perhaps, and most likely, one of the reasons why you will find addicted people in the Edmonton Church is because they have not realized how much help is available. The church is a place that grants you advantages in two different realms: The spiritual and physical.

To access the advantages in the spiritual realm, all you need do is understand God’s love and be deliberate in your work with them. And to properly access the advantages in the physical realm, there are people who carry out that function in the church.

One of such persons is the counselor. The counselor has diverse roles to play in the church particularly concerning addiction problems. One of the reasons why a counselor is essential is because he helps addicted individual to understand the root cause of their addiction.

Typically, anyone who opts in for addiction treatment would have to pay for the services rendered. However, the counselor is at liberty to provide his counseling services for free without receiving a dime in return. And the reason for this is because, the brethren in church are more like a family.  

The addicted individuals in the Edmonton Church will find the services of the counselor worthwhile because he will be keen on ensuring their health is fully restored. And it would become easy for them to undergo a full transition into rehab recovery.


Religion has almost the same format in Edmonton and other Canadian states. Most of the people who live here are Christians, and they are known for their high church attendance. There are many benefits which the church has to offer Edmonton.

To start with, the church in Edmonton can be likened to a second home. This is a place where people can easily find solace and get it. People who have all sorts of burden are welcome to worship in the church at Edmonton, and they would be glad they did.

According to the Bible, this is one of the benefits which comes with belonging to the church, which is the body of Christ.

Hence, it is required that people look out for one another. If there is someone who is in need of welfare in the church, it is expected that the person receives his needs and desires accordingly.

People who also go to the church in Edmonton are more likely to have a better mental health than people who do not. The reason for this is not far-fetched.

The church is where the pastor could pass for an unofficial therapist or mental health counselor. He or she is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the members of the church have a sane state of mind.

Such people are known to have a more lucid purpose in life than other people. This is due to the fact that, there is guidance, direction and advice, and they all come for free, because it is the church, and given is done freely.

The church in Edmonton also helps people to draw closer to God. They are brought into the consciousness that there is a higher power who watches over them, provided they draw closer to him.

It would be a rare case for you to find depressed people in the church in Edmonton, and even if you do, plans are structured in place to ensure that they are treated accordingly.

There are professionals from all works of life who are found in the church, and they would offer some paid-for services for free.


In Edmonton, religion can be said to be quite similar to other states in Canada. A good number of people in Edmonton are Christians, and the population of those who go to church, are quite on the high side. Just like a conventional church would, there is a feeling of love and warmth which citizens of Edmonton feel whenever they gather together to worship. The word is shared, songs are taken, and everyone goes home happy.
The church in Edmonton gives room for people to mingle and interact with each other, as that is the intended purpose for which it was created. In addition to this, the church in Edmonton states that they are ardent believers in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they have a personal relationship with him. They also refer to him as having the most excellent and enjoyable persona.
Also, the church also declares their utmost love for him, by giving him the topmost priority in their lives, which is considered to be quintessential. They also rejoice in the reality of undergoing cleansing by the blood of Jesus, who happens to be the son of God, and that the divine life of the father has been bequeathed to them, alongside with the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.
The church in Edmonton also highly values the Holy Bible, which is regarded as God revealing himself and also stating his everlasting purpose. Also, there is the confidence which all believers have, which is the fact that they are holders of the faith which the Holy Bible talks about.
Hence, the Church in Edmonton meet and practice the singleness and oneness of the Body of Christ which is talked about in the Holy Spirit.
Below are the beliefs of the Church in Edmonton:
They hold the faith which all believers have in common
The Bible contains the entirety of the divine revelation given by God
They also believe that God is one, and yet exists as the trinity
That Jesus was also God, and had to come in the form of man
That he died for the sins of everyone, by paying with his blood
That he resurrected on the third day from the dead
That he also ascended to the position at God’s right hand
They also believe that anyone who repents and believes in Jesus Christ would be saved
Lastly, they believe that Christ is coming back soon for all believers


There a good number of benefits which are inherent in attending church in Edmonton, and those who attend church regularly are more likely to benefit than others whose attendance at church programs, is not really continual.
First and foremost, the church in Edmonton offers a family-like atmosphere, where people would always find solace. The church reminds one of the benefits of belonging to the body of Christ, and it is expected that people reflect this by looking out for one another. In cases where any one lacks anything, the church would be in place to bridge that gap. However, this can only get easier, if one has been regular at church program.
Also, it has been researched that those who are regular in church, have a higher tendency to rest and sleep well than others who do not attend that often. People who are more religiously-inclined would definitely display better healthier sleep results than their counterparts who are not really serious with church attendance. Involving yourself in religious activities, has a positive effect on the psychological aspect, which ensures that you have a balanced and more relaxed lifestyle.
In addition to this, those who attend church regularly, are more likely to have a clearer purpose for their lives than others. This is hinged on the fact that there is a platform for advice, guidance and direction, which goes for free. This is one benefit which the church gives liberally. For instance, in the church, there is a mix of all kinds of people, professionals and experts in various fields, who would readily answer questions in the church, rather than any other place.
Furthermore, with the rate at which depression and suicide is on the increase, those whose attendance at church is regular, would most likely not suffer from depression which could lead to eventual suicide. The factors which lead to depression are part of the issues which the church talks about from time to time. So, hardly would anyone feel the urge to commit suicide.
In conclusion, for those who are married, there is a higher chance that they would have happy marriages and happy homes than others. This is because, in the practice of their faith, the quality of keeping relationship undergoes a continuous increase. Couples who attend church programs together would most likely have a blissful home, with fewer disputes and misunderstandings.


The major economy mainstay of Alberta, is Edmonton which is its capital. It is the chief hub of the oil and gas industry. Experts in the oil industry have the conventional view that, achieving success in the long run, is hinged on innovation which is in tune with the ever-changing times. It is usual for any industry to rise and fall, in any given nation, and the same can be said about the oil industry.
In countries who have oil as one of the constituents of their economy’s mainstay, you would observe that the growth has not really been steady. As a matter of fact, some oil industries in some countries have fallen and risen over time, and only some of them have been able to retain their heads above the water.
Edmonton for example, has had its oil industry revived, and the prices have increased since it last crashed in 2014. However, the future of the oil industry does not look really bright yet, as there are variations and instabilities in bureaucracies, technology and transportation.
With the current state of things, there is an intended focus on making operations more effective irrespective of the aforementioned uncertainties. Oil producers in Edmonton, are making conscious efforts to seek market for oil, in a bid to entice big-time investment and to compete with the government’s levy on carbon dioxide discharges.
A good number of drilling companies which are situated in Edmonton, are concentrated on the oil and gas sector. However, there are evolving opportunities for the drilling technology in Alberta, which transcends and affects a couple of other sectors.
One opportunity which Edmonton must lay hold on, is developing the geothermal energy production technology, which they can sell to countries who have normal geothermal reserves.
People are getting aware of the fact that Edmonton has a lot to offer, as there are new products which are being manufactured regularly, the same applies to the number of jobs, technologies and growth as a whole.
However, for Edmonton to harness the possibilities in all these opportunities, there is a need for concerted efforts from the government, interested private individuals, and even universities.
Axel Meisen who happens to be a chemical engineer and consultant to Alberta innovates, states that in times when the demand for gasoline is regularized, and even drops, the prospects of the oil industry in Edmonton are still very worthy.
It can be said that the oil industry in Edmonton, needs an extra touch for its advancement to be certain and quick.