In Edmonton, religion can be said to be quite similar to other states in Canada. A good number of people in Edmonton are Christians, and the population of those who go to church, are quite on the high side. Just like a conventional church would, there is a feeling of love and warmth which citizens of Edmonton feel whenever they gather together to worship. The word is shared, songs are taken, and everyone goes home happy.
The church in Edmonton gives room for people to mingle and interact with each other, as that is the intended purpose for which it was created. In addition to this, the church in Edmonton states that they are ardent believers in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they have a personal relationship with him. They also refer to him as having the most excellent and enjoyable persona.
Also, the church also declares their utmost love for him, by giving him the topmost priority in their lives, which is considered to be quintessential. They also rejoice in the reality of undergoing cleansing by the blood of Jesus, who happens to be the son of God, and that the divine life of the father has been bequeathed to them, alongside with the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.
The church in Edmonton also highly values the Holy Bible, which is regarded as God revealing himself and also stating his everlasting purpose. Also, there is the confidence which all believers have, which is the fact that they are holders of the faith which the Holy Bible talks about.
Hence, the Church in Edmonton meet and practice the singleness and oneness of the Body of Christ which is talked about in the Holy Spirit.
Below are the beliefs of the Church in Edmonton:
They hold the faith which all believers have in common
The Bible contains the entirety of the divine revelation given by God
They also believe that God is one, and yet exists as the trinity
That Jesus was also God, and had to come in the form of man
That he died for the sins of everyone, by paying with his blood
That he resurrected on the third day from the dead
That he also ascended to the position at God’s right hand
They also believe that anyone who repents and believes in Jesus Christ would be saved
Lastly, they believe that Christ is coming back soon for all believers

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