Counseling the mentally unhealthy in the Edmonton Church

Asides addiction problems in the Edmonton church, another common issue is the mental health problem that plague people. There are a lot of people who are unaware that they have mental health problems and they live with it for here.

There is a link between mental health problems and addiction. Some people who are unaware that they have mental health problems, start abusing substances. Then, the abuse progresses till it becomes a full-blown addiction.

At this stage, it’s like they have two problems at hand: Mental health problems and addiction.

Fortunately for the believers in Edmonton Church, there is a solution to people who are mentally unhealthy.

In the Edmonton church, there are professionals who come to worship during service days. These professionals are from various career paths and at one point or the other, they offer services to people in the church for free.

At periodic intervals, the church makes it mandatory for each member to undergo series of evaluations and assessment to ensure their mental health is intact. The counselor or counselors in the church conduct routine checks which informs members about the state of their mental health.

Typically, the counselor gets paid for assessing people concerning their mental health. However, since it is the church, the services of a counselor is often free except if the case is a chronic one where the individual would have to be admitted to a rehab.

For people who attend the Edmonton church, it is correct to say that they have lots of freebies at their disposal. They can effectively keep in check with their mental health, and they would know when it is about to spiral down.

One of the reasons why members in the Edmonton church have this exclusive privilege is because of the love of Christ that binds everyone. Just like the church of old, the church today is committed to ensuring that her members benefit in one way or the other.

Receiving counseling consultancy services for free is one of the ways of reaping the benefits of belonging to the body of Christ.  

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