Guiding Your Family to the Church

One of the most frequently asked questions from new believers goes something like this: “I want to share my faith with my family, but they refuse to come to church. How can I bring the light of the Lord to the people I love?” This is an excellent question, and one of the toughest to answer! Faith is a gift, and not everyone wants, or is able to accept it. Still, there are a techniques we can use when wanting to draw our loved ones into the fold. Here’s just a few:

1) Live God’s truth. As any christian will tell you, the best way to witness is to be the best witness. Examine your life. Is the light of God shining through your actions? Are there areas that could use improvement? Trick question- as fallible sinners we are always trying to improve our lives and bring them into closer alignment with God’s chosen path. Thankfully, God doesn’t demand perfection, and neither do our loved ones. If they see you working towards a goal- becoming a more charitable person, living a healthier life, interacting
exclusively in kindness and love- what a glorious opportunity to share the gospel! Don’t back up your testimony with actions, back up your actions with testimony.

2) Ask- don’t demand- for their church attendance. Show them the joy and peace that being embraced by the fold brings. If you make attendance a chore, then that’s how it will stay. Let yourself be drawn into the community of god before trying to drag someone in, and instead of hauling them through the door with ropes of guilt and shame, let them be drawn through the laughter of the people and the love they show. Find a community you love, and then share that love with the people you love.

3) Understand that faith is a gift, a gift only given by God. The greatest tragedy of our world is that not everyone is able to let the love of God into their heart. This does not mean stop trying, stop witnessing, or in anyway give up. No, instead redouble your efforts. Make every interaction a beacon in a dark world, and understand that after being surrounded by darkness, the light often burns the eyes.

Talk with your pastor about outreach programs, Let your life be the greatest ministry it can be. Never forget to express yourself with love, and redirect all praise to God.

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